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ACRI offers Next-Generation Sequencing Services using the Ion Proton by ThermoFisher Sientific, the Illumina Novaseq6000, the Illumina iSeq and the Oxford Nanopore MinION. ACRI can perform whole-genome sequencing for gene expression and mutation analysis, including DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and miRNA-seq approaches. Our expertise allows ACRI to process nucleic acid samples all the way through bioinformatics analysis in order to provide you with important gene expression data using the latest next-generation sequencing technologies and panels.

Services offered

1. Extracellular Vesicles RNA (exoRNA) sequencing
2. Whole Transcriptome sequencing (ribosomal RNA depleted and poly A enriched RNA)
3. Small RNA sequencing
4. Exome sequencing
5. CRISPR library screening
6. Oncomine cell free DNA panels
7. Whole Genome Sequencing
8. Epigenetics/Methylation sequencing

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Next-Generation Sequencing Platform Team

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Platform operators

  • Simi Chacko - Platform manager
  • Robert Cormier
  • Alexandre-James Roussel
  • Mansi Arora
  • Shruti Srivastava

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